My passion is to research and design innovative products that solve real people's needs.

My main areas of interest are Innovation and Internet of Things. Whatever the topic, I love learning fast and working in teams of hard-working open-minded individuals that put users and business needs at the center of their design. 

Across my 4+ years of career, I have worked as a UX Researcher at WATTx, an IoT company-builder, and as a UX Architect at We Love Digital, a digital agency with global clients such as Sony Mobile, Yamaha and MAERSK. I also published an academic paper in the field of Human Computer Interaction and presented it at the UCD Conference in London. I hold a BA in Communication, an MA in Social Psychology (Bicocca University, Milan) and an MSC in Human-Computer Interaction (University College London).

For further information about me, here is my CV.

I currently deliver TV experiences as a UX Designer at Zattoo.

My work

Process and skills

Concepting and Planning

  • Content Inventory
  • Task analysis/modelling
  • Taxonomies
  • Use Cases
  • Scenarios
  • Concept mapping

User Research and Evaluation

  • Interview
  • Expert Evaluation
  • Card Sorting
  • Tree testing
  • Survey
  • Usability testing
  • Google Analytics

Design Strategy, UX and IA

  • Blueprints
  • Competitive Audit
  • Consumer Experience Map
  • Persona
  • Prototyping
  • Wireframing (low fi)
  • User/page flow
  • Ideation sessions facilitation


Axure, pen and paper, SPSS, knowledge of Arduino and MAX-MSP, familiarity with the Adobe Suite.

NOTE: Adobe XD? Sketch? Framerjs? I taught myself how to play guitar at the age of 29 and I know that mastering a new tool simply requires practice and willpower. 

Contact me

Email: enrico.furfaro@gmail.com

Linkedin: here

Skype: enrico.furfaro 

Download my CV

It’s here