Journeys mapping and pages redesign

Where - UX Architect at We Love Digital 
When - 2015
How - Guerrilla user research, design strategy

To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, this case study is a fictional representation of an actual project. Confidential information that could reveal client’s identity is obscured or omitted. The information in this case study is my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of my employer and their clients.


In a nutshell

Client X asked We Love Digital to design a set of pages on their main website in order to make them the main touch-point for a series of cross channel digital campaigns. The final business goal was to activate the users to move from rivals’ to Client X’s core product and support them during the switch.

The UX team identified that Client X needed to gain a better understanding of both the offline and online possible touch-points of each target persona although the budget didn’t allow for research activities. For this reason the team focused on reviewing past research and conducting internal guerrilla interviews to gain an understanding of the user and their expectations when landing on the pages targeted for redesign. Subsequently, journey maps were identified for each target persona, touch-points identified and the pages were re-design.

Strategic documents containing journey maps and redesign of web pages were delivered to the client.


Design strategy, user research (guerrilla interviews and usability testings, expert review, consumer journey mapping, empathy map), teamwork.

My role

  • Reviewed client’s past research to identify and create personas

  • Analysed top competitors to understand how similar pages are designed

  • Conducted and analyzed guerrilla interviews and usability testing

  • Collated findings into journey and empathy maps

  • Created design blueprints for the planned pages

  • Worked together with visual designers to refine visual assets for the consumer journey maps and the empathy maps

Process and examples

Conducting guerrilla usability testing

Conducting guerrilla usability testing

Collating findings in an empathy map

Collating findings in an empathy map

Mapping the journeys

Mapping the journeys

Example of page blueprint

Example of page blueprint

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