Website Z - navigation redesign

Where - UX Architect at We Love Digital 
When - 2015
How - User research, information architecture


To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, this case study is a fictional representation of an actual project. Confidential information that could reveal client’s identity is obscured or omitted. The information in this case study is my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of my employer and their clients.


In a nutshell

Client Z asked We Love Digital to redesign the navigation and taxonomy of their core online brand touchpoint. The website contains hundreds of product pages, ten different sections, an e-commerce area and is translated in more than twenty languages. In order to create a navigation satisfying the clients’ requirements, the team engaged in research and design activities. The final deliverable was a revised navigation that optimized product discoverability and mirrored users’ mental model of the content on the website.


Design strategy, user research (expert review, card sorting and tree testing with, information architecture, wireframing (pen and paper, Axure), client management.

My role

I was the principal UX Architect assigned to the project.

  • Assisted the Operations Team and the Head of User Experience when scoping the project and defining deliverables
  • Conducted a content inventory and an expert evaluation of the existing navigation
  • Reviewed literature and client’s past research to create an interim deliverable containing actionable findings and ‘quick wins’
  • Presented findings and project progression during regularly recurring status meetings with the client
  • Planned, conducted and analyzed remote open card sorting and tree testing with
  • Designed and annotated wireframes with Axure and Adobe Illustrator
  • Wrote an extensive, yet accessible, report containing research findings, wireframes and rules to manage the new navigation and taxonomy

Process and examples


One phase of the content inventory


Example of card sorting and tree testing results


The new sitemap


The final deliverable included annotated wireframes and research findings


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