Client 'racing' - Website redesign

Where - UX Architect at We Love Digital
When - 2014
How - UX design, information architecture, desk research

To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, this case study is a fictional representation of an actual project. Confidential information that could reveal client’s identity is obscured or omitted. The information in this case study is my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of my employer and their clients.


In a nutshell

Client X’s website was out of date in terms of design and devoid of a mobile version. Additionally, the users found difficult to retrieve relevant information and to navigate the website. This consisted of forty-four pages distributed across twelve templates. Its aim was to provide users with information on client X’s weekly racing achievements and showcase client X’s assets. We Love Digital were asked to completely redesign the website by adopting a mobile first approach, optimizing information findability and reducing the amount of pages of the website.

This project had the particular challenge of a very demanding timeline for a complete redesign involving fourteen different variations of the website.


User research (expert evaluation), cross-device user interface design (Axure, Illustrator, pen and paper), client management, internal teamwork/work-shopping, information architecture.

My role

  • Conducted content inventory of the existing site

  • Identified personas, their relevant needs and scenarios of usage of the website

  • Analyzed competitors to collect examples of how content could be presented

  • Identified the number of templates needed and the relevant user's goals

  • Designed the new sitemap

  • Sketched the templates in a series of collaborative workshops with the dedicated visual designer

  • Participated in design review sessions to make sure the templates met usability criteria

  • Annotated templates for handover to developers

  • Quality assurance sessions


Process and examples

The site map highlighting what templates different pages use

The site map highlighting what templates different pages use

Page flow of a section of the website

Page flow of a section of the website

Calendar page (wireframes for tablet and mobile)

Calendar page (wireframes for tablet and mobile)

Races results page (wireframes - tablet and mobile)

Races results page (wireframes - tablet and mobile)

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